Labor Laws and Social Security Services

The office provides an advanced legal service in the area of ​​lawyers, which regulates and maintains the laws and regulations and preserves the rights of all. The office provides the best of its services through its consultants and employees with experience, competence and experience in labor issues, whether the client is an employer or a worker in accordance with the right. Service, wages, salaries, injury allowance during work and residence, and complaints before labor offices and the Ministry of Social Insurance.

The Office also has extensive experience in preparing internal regulations for the work of companies, bodies and institutions and drafting labor contracts which include the conditions of maintaining labor laws and the relevant regulations and decisions. It also preserves and protects the rights of companies and institutions by working in a proactive manner before the violation or dispute.

The Office also has extensive experience in preparing and finalizing all procedures and services that regulate the relationship between companies, employment offices and social security such as entry and exit forms, annual consolidated forms and internal work systems.